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Name: Korrin Lee Mahoney| Relationship: She is the oldest and biological daughter of William and Jillian| Age: 17

Personality: Korrin is sophisticated and intelligent, a smiling enigma, she  emanates intrigue.People are naturally drawn by her mysterious nature and charming appeal. She know how to get along with people, but they should not be fooled by her polite,easy going nature—she is not someone to be trifled with, nor should people underestimate her ability to seek revenge if they wrong her. For the most part, Korrin are friendly to everyone so long as they respect her. People are attracted to your exciting intelligence. Although She can be controlling, secretive and manipulative. Being the oldest daughter she is expected to help look after her sisters and is often put in the same hard place as the bodyguards are when dealing with them. However she is the first to get what she wants when it comes to their parents because she rarely gets in trouble.


Name: Kara-Lina ‘Kitty’ Mahoney| Relationship: Adopted daughter of William and Jillian| Age: 16

Personality: Kitty is sweet and encouraging, people find her friendliness very attractive. There is nothing warmer than her smile. Her generosity endears people to her.She makes friends fairly easy given that people love her kindness and sincerity. She entices people with her benevolence. Kitty is more of a caretaker and advice giver than anything else. Beautiful inside and out, her happiness radiates. she is very tender and nurturing; people often take advantage of this, since she is so trusting and honest. She also fiercely loyal and this can lead  to being stubbor and can get her in trouble especially when she covers for her sisters. Her compassion is both her strongest asset and her biggest weakness. This causes people to try and take advantage but they don’t get very far giving the protective nature of her sisters. She can be somewhat submissive because she doesn’t want physical confrontation and most people think that she can be clueless but she’s actually vey observent and usually knows whats going on. This goes with her ability to be patient. She is usually always with Kalyn.

Name: Kalyn Samara Mahoney| Relationship: SHe is the second biological child to William and Jillian| Age: 16

Personality: Kalyn is independent and proud, much like her father. She is colorful and excitable and rocks the world with her feisty personality. She has little patience for anything routine. Although, she can be difficult and defiant because no one tells her what to do or where to go, she is strong and straightforward and she rarely lies. People are attracted her her rebellious nature and often get confused by her optimism but being happy is all that matters to her. She is the master of fun, playing pranks and laughing, however she is sometimes gullible, too risky, self-centered or cocky and that endangers her well being. People tell her that she can’t do something most of the time she will try and prove them wrong and it usually works and she sometimes doesn’t think before she acts. She is actually pretty good at reading other people when she is paying attention. She may seem like a Rebel without a cause but all she really wants is to experience the freedom normal girls her age have. It’s also very likely she will always be seen with Kitty.

Name: William Mahoney| Relationship: The girls father and head of the CEO and owner of W.M Enterprises (a high government company) also has connections in the government.| Age: 36

Personality: William is arrogant, charming, and brilliant to put it simply.  He uses this aspect of his personality to his advantage by easily manipulating those around him. Despite this he knows he’s in charge and has the confidence and ego to match. He also goes through many moods in one day and has a temper but as quickly as it comes it can go just as fast.  After years and years of picking up countless skills, it’s all kind of just gone to his head and turned him into one big show-off.  Though don’t call him that unless you want a response such as, “It’s not showing off if you can back it up,” thrown back at you. I mean he built W.M Enterprises from the ground up to the international place it is now.He is actually very serious about his job and is know hes very good at it. Although, he doesn’t care about certain individuals, mess with his daughters, his girlfriend, his close friends or his ex-wife, and he’ll make sure you aren’t breathing in the morning to tell anyone about it. He often thinks about his children and worries that he cant always be there and he worries about their safety given his status.

Name: Liliana ‘Lily’ Matthews| Relationship: Williams girlfriend. She is used to be a private detective but now stays at home and helps William with his business.| Age:32

Personality: Liliana has never striven to be anything but herself. She’s vibrant, sassy, funny and flirtatious and deemed by most to be immature. Her way is always the hard way, or the fun way as she likes to call it. To the girls she isn’t a very authoritative figure more of a person to hang out with. She is very lovely and while shes having fun, Liliana flirtatious nature tends to cause problems in her relationship with William but she always works it out with him. She’s clumsy, headstrong and fights for what she wants and isn’t afraid to voice it. She’s stubborn and her sassiness isn’t always the best thing for her since it sometimes clashes with William and his anger.

Name: Jillian ‘Mickey’ Mahoney- Grey| Relationship: The ex-wife of William and mother of the girls. After her and William split she became a criminal psychologist and decided to stay out of the lime light for the safety of her children. Her and William aren’t on the best terms.| Age:35

Personality: Jillian definitely someone that is difficult to get to know and people often misunderstand her. With a brave and noble heart, she suspect that people might take advantage of her kindness, so she has a habit of purposefully flaunt her negative characteristics to keep them away. Once people venture deep enough into her heart, they find that she is more romantic and soft than her difficult, aggressive exterior leads them to believe. Anyone who knows her well has a deep respect for her, even William.  Those close to Jillian can always count on her assistance if they need anything. People are attracted to her bravery. SHe wants the best for her daughters and even though she argues will William a lot she respects how protective he is of the girls and she is honestly very happy with Giorgio.

Name: Giorgio Davis| Relationship: Jillian’s current boyfriend. He is a forensics professor.| Age: 37
Personality: Giorgio is very intellectual man. The amount of knowledge he has been able to amount, shows his intelligence level. He doesn’t boast about it though, he is a modest man with a calm exterior. He enjoys the  peace he can find within the depths of his classroom, making him somewhat of a introvert you can say, but when he does socialize he enjoys wowing people with this little fact or that about history or forensics. When you do go out, he is humble and very much the gentleman, never once letting a woman pay for her own drink and food. He also has a sweet spot for the girls and tries to be there for them whenever he can and he loves Jillian very much and is somewhat intimidated by William


Name: Mark Lewis| Relationship: The head of Security for William and his bodyguard| Age: 34

Personality: Mark is direct and matter of fact; a pragmatist at heart. He has very little time for excuses or platitudes given what his job is. He judges people based on there actions and has surprising patience with the girls even though they don’t mess with him since they think he is kind of frightening. Although, just because he thinks emotions are limiting, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have any. He knows there is a fine line from personal to professional and besides being good friends with William and Jillian he hasn’t befriended any other bodyguard from his job and takes his job very seriously. He has no time for bullshit from others which make him seem cold, distant and bossy.

-he got his job from starting as a low level night guard for the company then built his way up as a security guard for the top floor. Then one day a man tried to attack him and Mark wound up tackling the man to the ground and wrestling the gun to the ground. That day William appointed him to be one of his bodyguards soon he was the head of security fo him.

Name: Michael Harris| Relationship: one of the newly hired body guards for the girls.| Age: 30

Personality: Michael is a strong personality and a strong person. He’s the kind of guy who’s always independent and done things on his own terms. Always with a quick and witty remark. He has convictions and is very good at reading people. Michael hates to be wrong and is confident and arrogant because he knows he’s good at his job. He thinks he is the best between Clint and Neal but doesn’t understand why the others say that the girls are a handful but he thinks that he can keep the professional life from his personal life despite the warning from Gemma. hes actualy really good friends with Jude.


Name: Clint Bradley| Relationship: One of the girls newly hired bodyguards| Age:32

Personality: Clint is a fairly no-nonsense but nice guy once you first know  him. But once you get to know him he is a pretty cool guy which isn’t everyday you see one in his line of work. He is honestly easy to get along with but he can be cocky when it comes to thing sin his past (having been a high ranking navy officer before being hired by William.) If someone gives him too much crap, he won’t be afraid to confront them about it but usually maintains his composure overall.He knows how to have a good time but he also knows when to work, and isn’t afraid to put a barrier between the two. Due to this philosophy he (and Michael) were caught off guard when Gemma said that it was going to be hard to keep that line from blurring as you grow to love the girls. And relate to them more than you think. He would never say it but he doesn’t initially see protecting the girls as much of a challenge.

Name: Neal Collins| Relationship: one of the girls newly hired bodyguards| age:29

Personality: Neal is a smart, ambitious man who is usually very happy and usually always has a smile on his face. He’s friendly and understanding making him one of the perfect people to befriend and a real people person. Despite his easy going personality he is very trustworthy if your life is on the line but also mysterious and secretive. But he likes to have a good time and is mischievous  and hates to let people down. He is also someone cocky and was the only one out of Clint, him and Michael to not be phased with the possibility of blurring the line between personal and professional.

Name: Jeremy Carter| Relationship: one of the girls newly hired bodyguards| age: 27

Carter is an easy going man, and it takes a lot to get him riled. He’s very patient, and good with children as well as calming people down. Which makes him perfect for the strong personalities of the girls. He has a silver tongue and he’s got a skill for using it to get what he wants. It’s gotten him out of trouble more than once. Good thing he’s a pretty decent guy, eh? On the flipside, Carter’s emotions tend to get the best of him. He tends to think with his heart rather than his head, and it gets him in trouble sometimes. He doesn’t like upsetting anyone, and that sometimes goes against his job as a protector. Also, Carter can hold a grudge. He might not seem the type, but if you slight him, he might forgive but he won’t forget.


Name: Gemma Springer| Relationship: The girls nanny| Age: 32

Personality: Being around for a while has taught Gemma Being around for a while has taught Eve many things, patience being one of them. Getting on the girl’s bad side is a hard thing to do, but getting off of it is even harder. Being a nice person doesn’t mean being a pushover  though. She isn’t naive or blind to what goes on around her. On the contrary, she’s generally very aware of her surroundings and won’t be easily manipulated. She has an amazing amount of patience when it comes to the Mahoney family especially the girls and cares for them as if they were her own which caused her to gain the respect of everyone in the house and William and Jillian. The girls rarely cross her or rude to her because they look at her as another mother.

-She got her job while in college when the girls were younger. It was just as W.M Enterprises started to launch off the ground so she was there with the family when it reached international success and for the divorce between William and Jillian and always there for the kids when there parents couldn’t be and the kids respect her more then there own mother at times.


Name: Christina McCall| Relationship: Tutor to the girls and helps Gemma. When she isn’t doing that she is usually working with William as his head of computers. She is a very good hacker| Age: 27

Personality: Beneath Christina’s beautiful exterior is a careful mind that knows how to criticize and evaluate better than most; this can be a double-edged sword. While she has excellent analytical skills and is very intuitive,  she is critical and this makes it difficult for sensitive people to get close to her but makes her the perfect person to work for William. The people surrounding her are always strong individuals that she knows will be there for her, regardless of anything. People are attracted to her striking beauty.

- One of William’s many mottos are “Nothing but the best." And that’s exactly what Christina was. She was the best hacker and new computers better than anyone else in his company. She was recommended by the late Jonathan McCall (her father) to help william with his computers. She did and after about of a year running the lower computer department William saw her potential and made her head or technology and computers within the company and especially his computer. As for the tutoring for the girls that was a accident at first. She stopped by the house and saw the girls having trouble with Algebra and Gemma was sick so she started helping and William decided that if Gemma wasn’t there or couldn’t help she would.

Name: Beverly Harken| Relationship: She is William’s secretary and assistant.| Age:25

Personality: Beverly is nothing if not sociable. She is very enthusiastic about meeting new and puts in a lot of effort to make any all newcomers feel welcome -even though her company is not always wanted. Quite hyper and vibrant, she is a bit too much for some people while others adore her completely. She still is polite and kind, despite ocassional outbursts.

-She became the personal assistant to William because she got lucky. She always wanted to work with him. The day he fired his assistant is the day that hundreds of people were interviewed for the job. He liked how sociable she was and what a good speaker she was so he gave her a test run to see if she could handle working with him in his various moods throughout the day. She passed seeming unscathed when he yelled or was sarcastic so he hired her.


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