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Part 1

"I don’t care, Fix it!" William shouted into the phone before hanging up leaning back in his seat and rubbing his eyes. He looked around his home office. The sun was setting casting shadows over the warm colored furniture. He smiled slightly hearing Kalyns shouts from the open window in his office.

"Hard call?" Mark looked at his boss and smirked. William smirked back and took a sip of his water

"Dumb people." He saw the flashing light of his phone and pressed it. “What’s up Bev?" He asked to his secretary.

"Two things. Jillian called and said when she comes over to pick up the girls she wants to talk to you about when she’s coming back."

"Oh joy." He said looking at the picture of his daughters smiling with him. “what else?"

"The people for the bodyguard interview are here. You want me to send them in?" Her cheery voice asking over the speaker.

"Yeah why not." He nodded then clicked off the speaker. Then he turned to Mark. “You recommended them right?"

"Yes sir." Mark nodded. As another yell from Kalyn erupted. William smiled and turned toward the window as the breeze came into his house. There was a quiet knock on the door. WIlliam looked toward ready to analyze the men.


"Mr. Mahoney these are the body guards. He just nodded.

"Sit all of you." They all sat down William was judging them the whole time. “that’s all Beverly thank you." SHe nodded and left the room. “Which one of you is Neal Collins?" William asked looking at the three men before him as Mark walked behind him.

"I am sir." A man with thick black hair and light blue eyes said with a smile on his face.


"Tell me Mr. Collins do you know what this job includes?" William said with a perfect poker face. As everyone’s eyes shifted to Neal awaiting his answer.

"Well from what I understand. I will be bodyguarding your three daughters."

"What do you know about my daughters?" William asked hands playing with his pen as another shout came in from outside.

"Mostly whatever i learned from the briefing and some of the magazines although i am skeptical of them." He paused and William just looked at him so he went on. “I have learned that their are in fact three girls all close in age. I know all there names and I heard about what happened with the previous bodyguards-"

"That’s enough." William said looking at Neal. He was impressed, Neal looked eager to get the job and he had fantastic recommendations all of them did. Maybe he could even be like another Gemma to the girls. Friendly and get the girls underhand. He had the job, of course he ,by law, would have to clear it over with Jillian. He wasn’t even sure she read their resume or listen to him when he talked about them. He sighed and looked toward the other to.

"Clint Bradley" He said as Clint looked him in the eye. “what are my daughters names?"

"Korrin Lee Mahoney who your wife nicknamed Sweet Pea, Kalyn Samara Mahoney nicknamed Kay and Kara-Lina Jade Mahoney likes to be called Kitty." He said without hesitation. William nodded his head.

William looked at his paper. “You were in the navy right?"

"Yes, I got an honorable discharge after completing my tour of duty."

William looked at him and then looked at the bodyguard.

"Mr. Harris what are the order of my daughters ages?"

"17, 16 and 16. Korrin being the oldest" Michael said smirking at the other two bodyguards.
"You were an officer of the law am i right?" William asked
"Yes" He said simply. William's face told me for him to explain. "I was accused of a corruption by a corrupt politician. When i threatened to expose him he accused me. It was all cleared up within 3 months and the man was exposed but it was never the same after that. I left and started working as a bodyguard but when he died of natural causes i applied for this one."
William just nodded as his office phone beeped. "excuse me" he said as he picked it up.
"umm Jillian is here" She said "and she's not waiting" She barely finished her sentence when Jillian stormed in his office.
"William we need to talk" She glanced at the men sitting in the chairs and gave a quick smile.
"Come in Jillian" He said letting out a little smile. Jillian rolled her eyes as William stood up along with the other men. "Jillian these are the men i am hiring to be the girls bodyguards."
"Yes I know" She turned toward them and smiled "You are Neal Collins, Clint Bradley and you are Michael Harris" she shook there hands and looked back at William.
"I see you read what i sent you." He said \.
"That and I also did research on my own" She countered before walking next to door. "Come in" She said as a man walked in giving a smile
"This is Jeremy Carter, he is to also be a bodyguard for the girls."
"What?" William asked pulling her to the side "I have these guys, they are more then qualified, I trust these guys enough to handle the girls, I don't know about this man"
"But I do and i did send you a file on him." Jillian said. "It's not my fault you haven't had the time to read something concerning our children. I read everything." She waited for him to say something and when he didn't she continued "I read everything." Then she sighed "Giorgio and I have done our research, we hired people to follow him, I have no reason to believe that he is a threat to the kids. If you find anything then we'll fire him but until then the attorney said i get to choose a guard to."
"Fine" He said looking at ehr before hearing another voice.
"Um knock knock" Said the girls nanny, Gemma as she knocked on the office door. "I hope I'm not interrupting anything"
"No your not" William gave a quick glare to Jillian then walked forward. "Gemma i would like you to meet the...four newly hired bodyguards for the girls. " He started to introduce them "Neal Collins, Micheal Harris, Clint Bradley and Jeremy Carter i would like you to meet the girls nanny Gemma Springer."
image"Hi" Gemma said as they said hello back "I just wanted to let you guys know. I put the girls in the car." She turned to Jillian. "for you to know, Korrin has a paper due on monday on the Russia's Great Purge, Kitty is very into a new book and plans to see the movie soon, so she might want to go this weekend and Kay decided that she is now a pescatarian so she no longer has to take her iron pills so i would just mash them up in her food."
"Thank you Gemma" Jillian said smiling at the nanny.
"When are you bringing them back?" William asked his ex-wife.
"I plan to drop them off monday morning at school so they should be back after school." Jillian said walking out and smiling at Gemma as she walked to her car.
"What time will they really be back?" He asked Gemma who had a smile on her face.
"The girls have dance practice after school, Kitty has extra help in math Korrin has swim practice and Kay has a drama club meeting so they should be home around 5:30. I was going to go with Tony to pick them up" Gemma said thinking over the girls schedule for monday.
"Gemma can you take the boys" he motioned to the bodyguard as his phone rang again causing him to moan. "Show them around the house, tell them about my children, warn them" he looked at the phone "and tell Beverly to cancel my four o'clock." Gemma nodded and walked out the 4 new body guards followed Gemma out of the room and Mark smirked and closed the door.
"Well what you've seen so far is just the beginning of the Mahoney house." Gemma said smiling and leading the boys down a large hallway and stopped in front of these big golden doors. The beginning is just a casual sitting room for people waiting to see William at his home office. It also has a spot for Beverly, thats his secretary, a small computer room for Christina, she's his technical wiz." She opened the doors and led them into a beautiful library. "This is the main house." Gemma said walking over to the window where she closed the large red curtain.
"This is the library, as you can tell. its filled with books that we've all accumulated over the years. Its usually filled with people going in and out unless" She pointed at the shiny lock on the door. "you lock it, then they take this" she walked with them out of the open doors of the library and opened a closet that held coats, She parted the coats and pressed on the back of the closet. It opened and revealed a passageway. "Only  some of the people who live in the main house know about this and know you do!" She smiled wide then led them to the next room.
"This is the formal sitting room, This is where William takes his business clients that he wants to feel like they're invited into his home." She moved to the other room and looked back at them. Clint looked as though he was observing everything, Neal looked around admiring the art of the room. Jeremy was gliding his hand over the furniture looking as though he was trying to envision people here and Micheal was waiting for Gemma to continue.

she walked to the next room and quickly knocked on the door hearing no answer back she opened the door to reveal a half bathroom "this is pretty self explanatory."
"The moved gracefully across the hall that was lined with wide windows with elegant curtains. "This is the formal dining room, used for parties or gatherings and it leads to the..." She opened the door to rreveal a vey large and very beautiful kitchen.
"This is the kitchen and this is where you'll find the girl eating in the morning if they can remember," She walked out of the kitchen and turned to the right the body guards gasped in awe at the large foyer space just before Gemma opened the glass door and revaled a beautful home gym.
home gym entertainment"Everyone is free to use this gym, William is usually here late at night sometimes, I come here occasionally when the girls are at school and it leads right to the pool but i'll show that to you later." She walked back into the hallway to the main door of the house.
" This is the grand staircase, The house itself has 3 floors" She said as they stared up the stairs and 2 wings. One wind built off teh house is for when William brings his business home, and the second wing is on the second floor where your rooms will be."
"Gemma" Micheal said causing them all to look at him. "Where's your room?"
"The room next to the stairs, The girls are all on the third floor." She laughed. "We'll get there anyway." She walked to the left and open the large black doors,


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